A cat’s tail can tell allot about feline behaviour. Cat’s use their tails to communicate with us and other animals. Tails positions are good indications of their mood. Take some time to watch a cat’s behaviour and you’ll start to understand the Telling TAILS. Here are some to watch for.

When a cat’s tail position is high – When a cat holds their tail high in the air as they roam around, they are expressing confidence and contentment. A tail that sticks straight up is a tell of happiness and friendly mood. And notice the tip of an erect tail. A little twitch can mean a particularly happy moment.

When a cat’s tail position is curved looking like a question mark. This tail position often tells of a playful mood. The cat is ready to have some fun. If you notice a curve in her tail they are most likely telling you they want to play. When a cat’s tail position is low. Be careful. A tail straight down can tell of aggression. A lower tail is a very serious mood. However, be aware that some breeds, such as Persians, tend to carry their tails low and may not be looking for a fight.

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When a cat’s tail position is tucked away. A tail curved beneath the body tells us they are fearful or submissive. Something is making your cat apprehensive.

When a cat’s tail is puffed up. A tail resembling a pipe cleaner tells us the cat is agitated and frightened. Cats do this to look bigger and scare off whatever frightened them.

When a cat’s tail is whipping. A tail that is rapidly swinging back and forth tells us the can is both fearful and aggressive. It is a warning to stay away.

When a cat’s tail is swishing. Usually tells us the cat is focused on an object as the tail sways slowly from side to side. You will see this tail position right before your cat pounces on a mouse or a toy.

When a cat’s tail is wrapped around another cat. Conveys friendship. Similar to putting your arm around another person. When they lean on you and wrap their tail around your leg, they are likely saying hey buddy what’s going on.