House Rules:

If our animal-loving guests would like to give your pets a little extra attention and exercise while you’re busy basting the turkey, ask them to feel free to start a nice play or petting session. To help keep our pet safe avoid over exciting our pets in what could be a stressful situation for them.

Private Pet Place:

It is important to provide our pets with their own quiet pet safe retreat with fresh water and a place to snuggle. Timid pup dogs and kitty cats will want to escape the clamour. Put their carrying case, kennel, bed or favourite blanket in a separate room away from the and boisterous hullabaloo. Be sure to show them where you relocated it to so they can find there safe zone when needed.

Cheers to New Year’s:

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As you count down to the new year, please keep in mind that strings of thrown confetti are not pet safe can get lodged in a cat’s intestines in much the same way as tinsel. Noise makers, and poppers can terrify pets and possibly damage sensitive ears. Many pets are also frightened of fireworks, so be sure to secure them in a pet safe, escape-proof area as midnight approaches.